Accelerating Publication of Android Bible Apps



Occasionally you come across a program with a significant "Wow" factor.  The Scripture App Builder being developed by SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) consultants is one such program. This program lets a Bible translator take previously prepared texts, audio and images and combine them to generate a fully functional Android App in a matter of minutes. This blog post by one of the testing team gives some demonstration videos and a good overview of the program. While still in development, the program is now at the beta stage and already produces good reliable Apps.

There has been particular attention to ensuring good functionality on low end smart phones such as the Alcatel Pixi which is commonly used throughout Africa and Oceania.

We have had opportunity to test the Scripture App Builder with the Tok Pisin and Bukawa languages in Papua New Guinea and are very impressed with the resulting Apps. The Tok Pisin App was built using the text from and NT audio drama from Faith Comes By Hearing. We hope to make these new Apps available once the testing phase of the Scripture App Builder  program development is completed.



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