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Its been a bit of a fun learning curve developing "sword" modules. The Tok Pisin module was quite easy as the hard work had already been done (see PNG Scriptures.org) The process from here only needed to download the Tok Pisin OSIS formatted text from the ebible repository and run it through the sword utility, "osis2mod".. For this initial test, I used the Tok Pisin version without Apocrypha/Deuterocanon, as found in the Buk Baibel  "green" book.

The "Sios Kalenda" for ELCPNG was a bit more work, needing formatting with "OSIS" markup and "IMP" date formats, before running through the "imp2ld" utility.

These "unofficial" modules are provided here for testing against the various sword front ends - (Ogas-Dec)  /  (without Apocrypha/Deuterocanon).

Both modules work well on the Android platform (>2.3.3) using BibleTime-Mini (current version at July, 2014 : 1-1-1).

Installing BibleTime-Mini is quite easy using the APK file.

  1. Download and copy the BibleTime-Mini APK to the phone SDCARD
  2. Under "Settings" - "Applications", allow "Unknown sources"
  3. Click the APK file to run the install
  4. The book modules are located in the ".sword" folder (This is a hidden folder and will need the "view hidden files" option turned on for your computer)
  5. Install new books directly online or for unofficial books, copy/merge the "locales.d", "mods.d" and "modules"  folders of the new module with the existing ".sword" folder. - The distributed modules are "zipped", just requiring extract (unzip) to the ".sword" folder. - File mnagers such as "es file explorer" can be used to extract.
  6. It seems that if you want to add modules manually to a new installation, you will first need to install a bible from the online repository ... hopefully this can be corrected in a future program update.

Quote from BT-Mini site (translated from Russian)

On Android modules are installed in a shared folder on the memory card. Usually this is one of the following locations:

  • /sdcard/.sword/
  • /mnt/sdcard/.sword
  • /mnt/sdcard/.sword/
  • /mnt/external_sd/.sword/
  • to be more precise, define the environment variable - $ EXTERNAL_STORAGE / .sword /

If the memory card is missing then the folder will be in the home folder of the application (/data/data/org.qtproject.bibletimemini/files) and access to it without superuser privileges is not possible.


BT-Mini BUG Work-around

Black screen problem - There is one "minor" bug with BibeTime-Mini , where it will get stuck on a black screen on startup -  when this occurs, exit using the "back" button and restart the app.


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