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Parallel e-bibles in Tok Ples
I have often thought how useful it would be to have parallel verse comparisons with English, Tok Pisin (Buk Baibel) and Tok Ples translations in an electronic format. This is now possible following granting of necessary permissions and a lot of work by dedicated people. The available electronic translations for the Pacific Islands are compiled at Pacific Bibles, including a link to 229 PNG language translations.  There are several ways to get the print versions of Bible translations in an electronic format.... using document and pdf formats, HTML, and various software formats such as the Sword Project, GoBible mobile formats, eSword, and the MySword Android Bible App which has many Papua New Guinea translations available for Android phones and tablets at the MySword site. Its confusing, but the "eSword", "mySword", and "Sword project" formats are different and not interchangeable.  The "sword project" modules are the most common, and can be used with many front ends, on all platforms - IPod/IPad/IPhone (PocketSword} , Linux (Xiphos, BibleTime), Mac ( MacSword , BibleTime), Windows (Xiphos ,BPBible, BibleTime), and Android (And Bible , BibleTime_mini). While conversions of Tok Pisin and Tok Ples texts  to sword modules are not yet readily available, it is a work in progress by several developers. The attached image shows an early stage in developing Tok Pisin and Bukawa Tok Ples modules in the "sword" format. We'll let you know here when these are available.


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