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An agricultural information resource library


Now, I was thinking it would be good to see just how portable we could make the online Biblio library. The online agriculture library, Biblio, has a mobile friendly browser interface but still requires an internet connection..... Biblio App fills a gap as an offline companion. The Android App is a snapshot from the Biblio web database, and provides a searchable offline library of about 39000 records. Even with 39000 records, the Apk is only 14.6Mb and requires less than 27Mb installed.

If an internet connection is available, new records in the Biblio web library are available to the App via the "Biblio latest" menu. Internet connectivity also allows locating associated physical libraries via google maps, access to linked full text publications, and news and information updates.

So... we hope you will agree... its simple, compact, and fills a gap. 


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Improving Biblio Productivity with Open-URL COinS

Reference search and select


The Open-URL Context Object (COinS) standard has been added to Biblio to make it easier to share the online data resource... e.g.  export and save selected references to a personal Zotero library will need the Zotero personal reference and citation manager (or another COinS capable system) to use this facility.


and....if you don't like the built-in generic bibliography format....Zotero lets you interchange between many alternate styles.

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Version 2 Biblio system

Reference search and selectThe new Biblio system, while not yet polished, is fully functional. Built with a robust PostgreSQL backend with a browser interface:

  • Users can search, and export a selected bibliography set in several export formats
  • Save multiple records in the Zotero personal reference and citation manager or similar COinS capable system.
  • View individual biblio entries and import these into the personal reference and citation tool, Zotero.
  • There is a "Key author" list which gives gives contact information and a shortcut to all their included publications.
  • Physical data centres / libraries can be added to a Google map display.
  • Biblio administrators can add, delete and edit entries and full text documents, stories, photos and "you-tube" videos.
  • It is possible to have several administrators with different access levels.This allows a very "safe" system wih "roll-back" capability.
  • The system also provides gantt and pie charts to help administrators in biblio management and reporting.

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Projects and repositories

"Clickable" project locations
A stakeholder accessible repository of project and related materials and good visualisation are key principles in making a project information system responsive to its clients and a useful tool, particularly in tracking and in collation of evaluation inputs.


The development version (work in progress) is available here.  Most interactive features are only available to logged in users. The security model allows differential access to admin and other features.

Training in this innovative, but easy to maintain, system is available as an elearn course or hybrid workshop / elearn format.

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