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A new Bible App with audio and daily readings for 2018.

Choose between Buk Baibel in Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin, and the World English Bible or New English Translation in English... or compare all three verse by verse... or two at a time in synchronised windows.

  • The daily Bible readings for 2018 are based on the Revised Common Lectionary, as used by many churches.
  • The WEB and Buk Baibel also include the additional Deuterocanon books.
  • Audio is available as phrase synchronised mp3s for NET Old and New Testaments, and for the New Testament of the Buk Baibel and WEB Bibles.
  • Add your own notes, bookmarks, and highlights

Available on Google Playstore. Short url: goo.gl/ASNHiB....or dowload from this site


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Buk Baibel App for ELCPNG Available

Buk Baibel App


An Android App is now available for Buk Baibel in PNG Tok Pisin. This App was developed for ELCPNG and incorporates the Tok Pisin Bible (Green book) from the PNG Bible Society and PNG Bible Translators Association via the PNG Scriptures repository, with supporting resources from ELCPNG Faith Comes By Hearing, and  Smith Bible Atlas. The program to build the App has been developed by SIL.


Download (9.54mb) is temporarily available on this site. ELCPNG will be advising permanent download site in near future. New Testament audio can be downloaded from Faith Comes By Hearing (900mb). Contact us or ELCPNG Communications Centre for local copying of audio for stories and songs. Audio NT also available for local copying.

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Accelerating Publication of Android Bible Apps



Occasionally you come across a program with a significant "Wow" factor.  The Scripture App Builder being developed by SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) consultants is one such program. This program lets a Bible translator take previously prepared texts, audio and images and combine them to generate a fully functional Android App in a matter of minutes. This blog post by one of the testing team gives some demonstration videos and a good overview of the program. While still in development, the program is now at the beta stage and already produces good reliable Apps.

There has been particular attention to ensuring good functionality on low end smart phones such as the Alcatel Pixi which is commonly used throughout Africa and Oceania.

We have had opportunity to test the Scripture App Builder with the Tok Pisin and Bukawa languages in Papua New Guinea and are very impressed with the resulting Apps. The Tok Pisin App was built using the text from PNGScriptures.org and NT audio drama from Faith Comes By Hearing. We hope to make these new Apps available once the testing phase of the Scripture App Builder  program development is completed.



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Sword and Android e-Bibles

And Bible app

Its been a bit of a fun learning curve developing "sword" modules. The Tok Pisin module was quite easy as the hard work had already been done (see PNG Scriptures.org) The process from here only needed to download the Tok Pisin OSIS formatted text from the ebible repository and run it through the sword utility, "osis2mod".. For this initial test, I used the Tok Pisin version without Apocrypha/Deuterocanon, as found in the Buk Baibel  "green" book.

The "Sios Kalenda" for ELCPNG was a bit more work, needing formatting with "OSIS" markup and "IMP" date formats, before running through the "imp2ld" utility.

These "unofficial" modules are provided here for testing against the various sword front ends - (Ogas-Dec)  /  (without Apocrypha/Deuterocanon).

Both modules work well on the Android platform (>2.3.3) using BibleTime-Mini (current version at July, 2014 : 1-1-1).

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Tok Ples e-Bibles

Parallel e-bibles in Tok Ples
I have often thought how useful it would be to have parallel verse comparisons with English, Tok Pisin (Buk Baibel) and Tok Ples translations in an electronic format. This is now possible following granting of necessary permissions and a lot of work by dedicated people. The available electronic translations for the Pacific Islands are compiled at Pacific Bibles, including a link to 229 PNG language translations.  There are several ways to get the print versions of Bible translations in an electronic format.... using document and pdf formats, HTML, and various software formats such as the Sword Project, GoBible mobile formats, eSword, and the MySword Android Bible App which has many Papua New Guinea translations available for Android phones and tablets at the MySword site. Its confusing, but the "eSword", "mySword", and "Sword project" formats are different and not interchangeable.  The "sword project" modules are the most common, and can be used with many front ends, on all platforms - IPod/IPad/IPhone (PocketSword} , Linux (Xiphos, BibleTime), Mac ( MacSword , BibleTime), Windows (Xiphos ,BPBible, BibleTime), and Android (And Bible , BibleTime_mini). While conversions of Tok Pisin and Tok Ples texts  to sword modules are not yet readily available, it is a work in progress by several developers. The attached image shows an early stage in developing Tok Pisin and Bukawa Tok Ples modules in the "sword" format. We'll let you know here when these are available.


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