Version 2 Biblio system

Reference search and selectThe new Biblio system, while not yet polished, is fully functional. Built with a robust PostgreSQL backend with a browser interface:

  • Users can search, and export a selected bibliography set in several export formats
  • Save multiple records in the Zotero personal reference and citation manager or similar COinS capable system.
  • View individual biblio entries and import these into the personal reference and citation tool, Zotero.
  • There is a "Key author" list which gives gives contact information and a shortcut to all their included publications.
  • Physical data centres / libraries can be added to a Google map display.
  • Biblio administrators can add, delete and edit entries and full text documents, stories, photos and "you-tube" videos.
  • It is possible to have several administrators with different access levels.This allows a very "safe" system wih "roll-back" capability.
  • The system also provides gantt and pie charts to help administrators in biblio management and reporting.
Features in progress

While it is expected that most new biblio records will be manually entered, we are implementing 2 import features:

  1. Import of csv files from a spreadsheet template
  2. Import of Zotero records - particularly useful when biblio meta data is harvested by Zotero using the ISBN or DOI

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