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  • PHPMaker (3,920)
    PHPMaker - PHP code generator software

    Tag: phpmaker
  • PostGIS (1,979)
    Advanced GIS - spatial extension to PostgreSQL

    Tag: postgis postgresql
  • Portable Apps (1,801)
    A repository of good, free or open source Apps converted to run in portable mode under Windows.

    Special attention is made to ensure as much as possible that the Apps run well and are safe - free from any viruses etc

    The programs here can be run from a USB memory stick and do not leave any rersidue in the Window's registry.
  • (1,767)
    Provides access to indigenous language translations - The / links on this site provide access to 229 translations of the Holy Bible or portions thereof in Papua New Guinean languages and dialects in HTML, 16 in audio format, and 2 in video format.
  • Faith Comes By Hearing (1,750)
    Source of bible udio in many languages
  • QGIS (1,266)
    QGIS - Open source GIS software

    Tag: qgis
  • PostgreSQL (1,153)
    PostgreSQL database

    Tag: postgresql
  • Zotero (1,078)
    Citation and reference manager ... and much more

    Tag: zotero