Successful Vege Marketing

Fresh carrots
Organised fresh produce marketing, especially vegetable marketing has had mixed, mostly less satisfying, results in PNG and throughout the South Pacific Islands.

Are we asking the right questions? Organisations are busy creating cooperatives, marketing systems, infrastructure, value chain systems .... but... many questions can be asked .

To what extent are these 'projects' addressing the relevant issues? 

What worked in the past ? why?  who were the players?

What levels of support have worked previously and are anticipated as necessary?

What are the assumptions?  How do we measure success?

So ... we have a value chain analysis and set up a project to deliver on the model .... but how to make it work ... we could go on and on


Lets start at the beginning and try and make sense of an approach ....

Information is a key ...Knowing your market ... Knowing the crop ... matching the climate, environment ....


Know your market

  • what are the quality criteria? ....  and how do we ensure to meet the standard
  • What volumes are needed - how will consistent supply be achieved
  • Where is the competition? ... how will we compete, what is our edge?
  • What standards need to be applied
  • What handling systems, infrastructure and processes are used by buyers
  • ...........


.... We address these and other issues in our elearn training module ... also available in a face-2-face workshop format

Contact Laurie for more info on the elearn or workshop opportunity.


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